SHOW DC Himmapan Avatar

Himmapan Avatar Thailand’s most enchanted. Bringing magic to life. 

There’s a place in every Thai’s heart as the most magical place, the Himmapan Forest. This magical forest is a legendary Thai story that has been told throughout many generations. A world imagined from faith and art, the story of this enchanting forest has resonated in Thai history as one of the most magical place ever existed. 

Through technology, we’ve managed to bring this enchanting story to life. We want to tell this classic Thai legend in the grandness it deserves. Now for the first time ever, from 2 dimensional paintings and books comes a dynamic 4-D experience of this magical forest. For the first time, we are breathing life into this forest like no one has ever experienced. 
Introducing another dimension of storytelling, Himmapan Avatar, a magical way of experiencing Thailand. 

Take a walk through the magical experience of Himmapan Avatar at ShowDC, Bangkok. We are a 360, all-dimensional fantasy live show that tells the story of the Himmapan Forest, an enchanting forest exists Thailand’s most classic fable. 

Himmapan Forest, a mythical land dreamt up by Thailand’s most imaginative artists and writers, it’s a place where its story has been told throughout many generations of Thai households. Built from pure faith and impeccable beauty, it’s the magical land all Thais have always wished to experience. 

With state-of-the-art theatre, epic 3-D projection mapping, world-class lighting and sound design, you’ll experience the mystique of Thailand like never before. A 4-D walk-thru experience that will give all your senses a taste of what it’s like to be a part of this magical land, bringing the ultimate Thai magic to life for you to experience firsthand. Not only is it fun and fascinating for the whole family, it also provides endless cinematic moments for you to capture and take home the memory of pure fantasy. 
So step right into the magic of Himmapan Avatar.
A 360 all-dimensional walk-thru experience of a legendary land. 

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