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At the land of Himmapan, deep down in the Anodard pond which is its greatest pond, has clandestinely laid an important valuable object since a very long time ago. The Precious Stone called “Manee Rattana” is a sacred stone laid onto “Manosila Marble” of which the power renders protection for Himmapan from all the demons. The “Manee Rattana” is therefore respectfully engaged to house above the very high waterfall.

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Show Days: Everyday
Show Times: 3.30 P.M. , 5 P.M., 6.30P.M., 8 P.M.

Target Pricing:
Gold 2,000 THB VIP 1,700 THB 1,400 THB
75 minutes
Collection Method
Show order number at counter to collect printed ticket(s)