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Himmapan Avatar 360°
All – Dimensional Fantasy Live Show

At the land of Himmapan, deep down in the Anodard pond which is its greatest pond, has clandestinely laid an important valuable object since a very long time ago... The Precious Stone called “Manee Rattana” is a sacred stone laid onto “Manosila Marble” of which the power renders protection for Himmapan from all the demons.

Himmaparn Avatar is the tale about an adventure of God and animals of Himmaparn, a magical land beautiful beyond any imagination that lies in between Heaven and Earth. But the beauty was destroyed by the by Asura, God of Darkness who invaded Himmaparn. For hundred of years upon Asura’s rule, Himmaparn turn into an eerie place where all creatures live in fear and wait for the day that the prophecy would be fulfilled and they could be free.

Before the God of the Sun and the God of the Moon align And the Gem of Blessing arises, The Kinnaree would fly across the sky, The Fruit Maidens would come out of their shells, And The Lotus Angel would dance to the magic spells.

The day that the Gem of Blessing, the mythical gem with a great power, would rise above the Anodard Pond and whoever take hold of the stone could defeat Asura. Before the time came Angel Bird has invited the Monkey Bird to join her in this mission of bringing the Gem of Blessing to the heart of Himmaparn in order to restore Himmaparn to its original condition.

Angel Birds and Monkey Birds have to fight against Asura’s followers, Fire Lady and the Devil Bird, for the possession of the Gem of Blessing. By uniting thier power and with the help of the Great Naga, they won the battle and brought back peace to Himmaparn once again.

Himmapan Avatar 360° All – Dimensional Fantasy Live Show

The first and the most astounding show ever found in ASEAN, visitors can experience the mystic ambience of realistic Himmapan forest as well as be thrilled with spectacular show on infinity-edge stage — enabling them to feel connected and harmonious with the show that integrates high-quality lighting, colour and sound system on 40-inch monitor that can display up to 180 degree; the 3D mapping that tunefully links the show with computer graphic; plus unprecedentedly dazzling techniques. Let’s join us and experience a breathtaking and unforgettable journey through the land of Himmapan.

God of Darkness

His wardrobe reflects in shiny gold and his dwelling can be seen in black color. The big black bird is kept as his vehicle. God of Darkness wishes to own “Precious Stone”, the sacred statue of Himmapan Forest to segregate and take a sole control of this Himmapan Forest.

God of Sun

Has a red body fully clothed with dazzling costume adorned with fiery-red jewels. Lion is found to be a vehicle of God of Sun, a pair of red swords are equipped as his personal weapons.

God of Moon

His skin is glowing in the color of yellow with a strikingly beautiful physique. A horse is his personal mean of vehicle. God of Moon is granted with a fair skin and adorned with exquisite black jewels. Dagger is his weapon.

The Angel

The Angel “the fallen guardian” is the bestower of guidance and assistance to visitors of Himmapan Forest. The Angel has brought “Precious stone” to the heart of Anodad Pool.


Elf who protects forest and woods in Himmapan leads Acksorn Paksri to the Anodard pool. She helps her win the enemies to prevent them from stealing “Manee Rattana”


Himmapan monkey with feather-like hair on his wings has the ability to soar and hover in the air. He constantly lends a hand to Acksorn Paksri to battle foes so she could bear “Manee Rattana”.


Demonic ghosts are inferior to Nang Ackki, a wicked supporter of Tahoe whose appearance is to hinder bearing of Manee Rattana.


She is the right-hand of Rahu whose scorching power is aimed to annihilate enemies to steal “Manee Rattana” as commanded by her Great master.


has a similar appearance to lion but there are antlers on its head. Scales are found throughout the body. Its attributes resemble deer despite a head of dragon, a tail of cow and hooves. Ghilen’s age can last long up to 1,000 years and it is acknowledged as one of the four auspicious animals by Chinese belief. It is believed that Ghilen punishes the wicked and represents the virtuous. When Ghilen is seen, it means that the Blessed soul will be bound to govern the kingdom for its prosperity and serenity.

Hemmara Ussadorn

is the combination creature of horse figure and swan face, yet crocodile mouth has been created sometimes. Hemmara Ussadorn is one-fourth horse family that God of Wind has created. Hemmara Ussadorn used to fly but it had been lost in the garden of God Shiva and ate some grass so it has been cursed to be unable flying anymore.

Ussadon Hayra

is a hybrid creature between horse and To, half Naga-half crocodile, and it is believed to be amphibious. It has a head of To, hair bent to the front while its horn is twisted with a pair of crocodile-piercing eyes, a horse trunk and hooves.


lives in the South of Krailat Mountain. There is a beautiful pond named “Mana”. Hongsa has been indicated in Tribhumi and Jataka stories such as the story of Lord Buddha had been born King of Hongsa. Thai, Indian, Chinese and Western literature has praised swan as the noble animal. Swan is the actual Himmapan animal because it has actually been in Himmapan.

Kraisorn Rajasri

is powerfully built with a body of Lion. Its hair is curled to skin given a sprial pattern of white shell, whereas its mane, lips and feet exhibit a fiery red hue. Red strips can be spotted from its head to back and some located around its hips. Kraisorn Rajasri possesses a strong vigor and rules over all other creatures as lion is the symbol of power, gratitude and protection


has an elephant-like body while its wings and tail of bird shine in the red shade. It is believed to be larger than elephants so it is extraordinary powerful. Due to its supernatural ability KarinPuksa can freely soar and hover in the air with ease.

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Level 4, Entrance of the
Himmapan Theatre

Ticketing (Free entry for children under 4 years old)
Gold ฿ 2,000

The best view in the theater.

VIP฿ 1,700

An up close and personal experience where you can sit back and watch the performance unfold around you.

Deluxe฿ 1,400

A panoramic view of the Himmapan forest world where you won’t miss a thing.

Book online before seats are sold out. You can pay for tickets in advance with all major credit cards and collect tickets from the theatre ticket window (box office)

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Bringing you
Himmapan Avatar 360° All – Dimensional Fantasy Live Show

Where to find us?

Walk into the Main Entrance at the Atrium Zone, take the escalator up to the 4th floor and walk through the Bangkok Tourist Wing. On the way you will pass the Asian Herbs and Thai Product zones, then after the Thai Thai Market will find the Himmapan Box Office.

After buying the tickets you can learn more about the Himmapan story at the dazzling exhibition and excited with the spectacular 4D Walk-Through Experience before heading up the stairs to watch the show.

You can also take the escalator straight up from the 1st floor to the Himmapan Box Office on the 4th floor by entering the Bangkok Tourist Wing.


Level 4, Entrance of the
Himmapan Theatre

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