Visitor Tips

Top 10 Tips on How to Enjoy Your Visit to Thailand

1Learn Simple Local Language

Thai people are kind and like to help with language learning will make you enjoy traveling in Thailand more. Plus some times, you also get the prayers to reduce the variety of love. And trying to speak the same language as the owner of the country. Do not be afraid if you say wrong. Because Thai people are always ready to help tourists. May start with greetings, greetings, hello, thank you, etc.

2Understand Basic Local Culture

As a visitor to any foreign country, you should always know and understand about the basic local culture. It makes you to be not looked strangely, such as not to point the finger instead of finger. Or touching one’s head, which is not honor by local Thais. Taking off your shoes when entering a major place. Include greetings. And donkeys together.

3Try Thai Food

Thai food is notorious for its variety. And delicious taste You can find food outlets in every corner of Bangkok at affordable prices, especially the street food prices are around 35-60 baht per meal.

4Dress Appropriately

Thailand is relatively hot all year round. Preparing clothes suitable for the weather and places will help you to travel comfortably. And if you want to visit the ruins or visit the temples, dress politely and do not wear sandals.

5Plan a Trip to other Provinces and Countryside

You can travel from Bangkok to other part of Thailand whether it’s the north or the south part. Plan your traveling with train and boat in the same trip, it’s very interesting. And if you want a well plan trip,s engage the various travel agents.

6Indulge and relax yourself with a Thai Massage

Tired of traveling around trying to find a good massage? In Thailand, you can find good massage location, ranging from small shops along the way. The famous Thai massage institute, Wat Pho Or, by the luxurious 5-star spa, you can choose to relax at the level of fatigue. The certificate will help you refresh. Rejuvenate Have the next trip.

7Have fun in Shopping

Although you might not able to speak Thai. But you can bargain with a calculator. Sellers will display their selling price. All you need to do is just hit the price you're willing to pay and close the deal, But most the seller in Thailand can communicate in English. You should ask the staff about current promotion, so you will not miss out on the benefits and if you're shopping more, do not forget to make a tax refund.

8Live a Local Lifestyle

In addition to visiting various tourist destinations, living in a local lifestyle will make your trip much more interesting, travel with simple budget to eat and drink. Take a public bus, try street food, drink local beer, and shop wisely.

9Make Friends with Local

Having a good friend during the tour is a good thing. Because it can help you in times of emergency. Most importantly, it is recommended if you can have a local friend. As it will take you to the experience that is not written in the guidebook.

10Travel with A Smile

The origin of the word Land of Smile Because Thai people are so easy to smile and so friendly. If you ever be in a awkward situation, meeting strangers, or bargaining price, the first thing to do is "smile", then everything will be following by good!