Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip Ahead

If you do not want anything to happen unexpectedly, or to face some problem, planning a trip will definitely help to ease out your trip. So invest some time so you can travel in comfort and make the best out of your trip!

1Plan your travel period

First, determine which period that you would like to visit, during May to October is the rainy season, hotels are cheaper during this period as it’s the low season, even if it’s rainy season, there is still many places that you can plan to go. In the event if you have not much time, planning is very essential for your trip, it makes a huge impact on costs when you travel around Thailand.

2Plan your activities

Want to sunbathe by the beautiful seaside, trekking and visiting natural monuments, visiting various temples as well as learning Thai Cooking, watch skits, etc. When you can choose the activities that you want to do, you can narrow down your destination.

3Set a Budget

When you set your time and duration to travel in Thailand already, cost calculation is easy by then. If your budget is limited, financial planning is very important. To make your vacation an enjoyable moment, you may have to start your trip low, eat and travel in low cost, choose hotel or budget hotel, and later part of the trp, you may indulge yourself with good accommodation, spa treatment to complete your trip wonderfully.

4Determine your Starting and Ending Destination

Starting from Bangkok, you can take one to two days to visit various places of interest in Bangkok.Then proceed yourself with the courtyard culture, taste local food or dive under the sun, see the coral, knowing your destination will make you see the journey more clearly.

5Knowing Season, Events, and Important Dates

For example, if you travel to Thailand in April. Then meet the Songkran Festival. You should be prepared to deal with this festive season throughout the country. Water protection equipment should be provided. Or at least should have fun with it.

6Study Your Route

If you want to travel from Bangkok to the north or Bangkok to the south or to all parts of Thailand. Route study It will make you travel more convenient, such as near Bangkok, you can rent a car. Or by bus, train, or can handle booking flights, train, ship at one time. Make more savings.

7Do not be afraid for Change

Planning is always a good thing to do for minimizing problem. But in the mean time, do not be afraid to change because you will probably fall in love with Thailand as your travel along. Until you want to stay longer!